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 Ranking Structure

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PostSubject: Ranking Structure   Tue May 29, 2012 11:11 pm

Recruit: Get 3 recruits to rank up to next rank

Identification: “WP RCT” in the player’s motto

Private: Get 3 more recruits to bump up to next rank, know the rules, play with the clan, have fun. Minimum time: 1 week. Symbol - Single Delta V.

Identification: “WP PVT” in the player’s Motto.

Corporal: rising leader, help guide recruits through their recruiting period. Minimum time: 2 weeks. Symbol - Full Delta V.

Identification: “WP CPL” in the player’s Motto.

Sergeant: manage squads & run squad meetings, learn staff responsibilities, oversee recruiting efforts. Minimum time: 3 weeks. Symbol - Sergeant Emblem. At this rank, you can earn your WP tag! (Optional Member Privileges via your Captain or Major)

Identification: “WP SGT” in the player’s Motto.

Lieutenant: Staff, organize clan activity, run meetings, send clan invites to potential recruits 16 y/o and older, and clan messages. Minimum time: 1 month. Symbol - Gold number. (Staff Privileges via your Captain or Major)

Identification: “WP LT” in the player’s Motto.

Captain: Overlord, manage entire clan, approve GOD tags, clan transfers, approve 15 y/o recruits. Symbol - Spartan helmet. (Staff or Overlord Privileges)

Identification: “WP CPT” in the player’s Motto.

The next 3 ranks handle most of the political side of WP. When in a party with them, show the utmost respect!

Major: Oversee multiple clans, approve WP tags, clan transfers, approve
recruits younger than 15. Generally, a Major oversees 2 - 4 clans.

Identification: “WP Major” followed by section in their motto

Oversee all of WP, approve new clan branches, ensure Majors and
Captains are active, assist Generals in all management. Generally, a Colonel oversees 2 Majors.

Identification: “WP Colonel” followed by section in motto

Generals: Oversee all of WP, manage business activities. Typically, a General oversees 2 Colonels

Identification: "WP General" in motto
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Ranking Structure
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