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 Recruitment Speech

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WPC LunarWolf

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PostSubject: Recruitment Speech   Tue May 29, 2012 11:08 pm

WP-Wolf Pack is an online gaming community. We have this clan because we like playing games in an organized, respectful manner.

WP (Wolf Pack) has something to offer everyone. We offer squads for our members, tournaments, nightly custom games, and weekly clan meetings. you need to be at either the clan meeting/recap to get to know the clan and become part of the orgnization.

Here at WP (Wolf Pack) we follow some simple rules of conduct that we ask all members to follow. That includes NO harassment, sexism, or racism! Also Listen to your higher ranking Officers!!!!!
DO NOT DELETE THE WP MOTTO OR CLAN TAG IT WILL Affect your promotions and get banned from WP (Wolf Pack) period no questions asked.

WP (Wolf Pack) has a website http://wolfpackclan.forumotion.org. and  facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/168774243487119/ Its very important that you register as soon as possible.

Here at WP (Wolf Pack) we follow a ranking structure

Recruit: Get 3 recruits to rank up to next rank

Identification: “WPC RCT” in the player’s motto WPC1

Private: Get 3 more recruits to bump up to next rank, know the rules, play with the clan, have fun. Minimum time: 1 week. Symbol - Single Delta V.

Identification: “WPC PVT” in the player’s Motto.WPC2

Corporal: rising leader, help guide recruits through their recruiting period. Minimum time: 2 weeks. Symbol - Full Delta V. CLan tag for if ur this WP3

Sergeant: manage squads & run squad meetings, learn staff responsibilities, oversee recruiting efforts. Minimum time: 3 weeks. Symbol - Sergeant Emblem. At this rank, you can earn your GOD tag! (Optional Member Privileges via your Captain or Major)
CLan tag for if ur this WP4

Lieutenant: Staff, organize clan activity, run meetings, send clan invites to potential recruits 16 y/o and older, and clan messages. Minimum time: 1 month. Symbol - Gold number. (Staff Privileges via your Captain or Major) CLan tag for if ur this WP5

Captain: Overlord, manage entire clan, approve GOD tags, clan transfers, approve anyone up to 13 y/o recruits. Symbol - Spartan helmet. (Staff or Overlord Privileges) CLan tag for if ur this WP6

The next 3 ranks handle most of the political side of WP. When in a party with them, show the utmost respect!

Major: Oversee multiple clans, approve WP tags, clan transfers, approve
recruits younger than 15. Generally, a Major oversees 2 - 4 clans.WPC7

Oversee all of WP, approve new clan branches, ensure Majors and
Captains are active, assist Generals in all management. Generally, a Colonel oversees 2 Majors. WPC8

Generals: Oversee all of WP, manage business activities. Typically, a General oversees 2 Colonels only generals can promote people WPC9

Please make sure you symbols are correct at all times! Wrong symbols will affect promotions and can lead to you being removed from WP.

This is just a general outline of duties and responsibilities. For a thorough description please contact you clan Lieutenants or Captains.

Welcome to WP and realize we are here to have fun first and foremost.
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Recruitment Speech
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